Parkinson’s Disease – The 5 pillars for success

Hi again everyone, I have been getting very helpful and encouraging feedback about the articles I right here. I am even getting people e-mailing in questions about how to live well with PD, how best to slow down their symptom progression and how to improve/cure the myriad of other aches and pains that come with age (not just PD). With these questions in mind, I wanted to go right to the heart of living well with PD and speak about the 5 pillars for success, which we help all our clients with.

Pillar 1) is Neuro-Active Exercises – this is the most common one people know about and its about using ‘neuro-plastic’ exercises at the right intensity, frequency and getting the right feedback to get you moving better.

If you think that living well with PD is just about the exercises though, you have missed out! The other 3 pillars are just as important at helping you live your life despite Parkinson’s.

Pillar 2) Education – the more you know and the knowledge of how to help yourself is terrific at building self-belief and confidence.

Pillar 3) Community – Being a part of a pro-active community of people who can help you succeed, even on a bad day.

Pillar 4) Behaviour change – Frustratingly, Parkinson’s doesn’t go on holiday so neither can your new supportive lifestyle changes, meaning that we need to get you up to speed with what work with you and figure out how to keep you there!

Pillar 5) Individual approach – EVERYONE with PD is an individual, has individual life goals and  rehab needs. From tight muscles and joints limiting your movements, to aches and pains, to individual exercise needs depending on you, your symptoms and stage of the disease.

This is where my team of PD Specialist physios make all the difference. We get you moving better, thinking clearer, and help slow down your symptom progression. We want you to live your life despite PD, not be limited by it.

Interested in individualized help from specialists? Call my team NOW on 0141 530 2092 to speak to us and find out if you would benefit from our help.

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