Quick At-Home Balance Tests for Fall Concerns

Falls are a significant concern for individuals in later stages of life and for those with conditions like Vertigo that impact their balance. The worry is entirely justified.

A fall can result in severe injuries, fractured bones, or even fatal consequences. Beyond the physical consequences, a fall can shatter your confidence, making you apprehensive about stepping outside your home or navigating stairs.

If the fear of falling is a constant presence in your life, seeking specialized assistance is crucial because disregarding it may lead to a life-altering incident.

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For those concerned about falls and are interested in performing simple at-home balance tests, read on.

Two Effortless At-Home Balance Tests to Assess Fall Risk

While more specialised assessments are available for precise fall risk evaluation, here are two straightforward balance tests you can conduct at home without any special equipment.

Exercise 1 – Eyes Closed Balance Test

  1. Find a spot where you can hold onto something for support if necessary.
  2. Set a timer for 30 seconds or use a stopwatch to monitor your progress over time.
  3. Stand with your feet together, then close your eyes.
  4. If you cannot maintain your balance with your feet together and your eyes closed for 30 seconds or more, consider it a warning sign that your balance may need improvement.

Exercise 2 – Eyes Open Balance Test

  1. The setup remains the same, with something for stability and a timer.
  2. This time, keep your eyes open and stand on one leg.
  3. If you cannot sustain your balance on one leg with your eyes open for 30 seconds or more, take it as another warning sign that your balance requires attention.

Unable to Maintain Balance for 30 Seconds in Either Test?

If you find it challenging to maintain balance during either of these tests, we strongly urge you to seek assistance.

Balance issues can significantly heighten the risk of falls, with the potential for severe repercussions on your life, as we have discussed earlier.

Consider these balance tests as indicators that something needs attention. If you aspire to maintain your stability, independence in retirement, and an active lifestyle, it is advisable to seek help promptly.

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