Parkinson’s Disease – Muscle and joint stiffness, can anything be done?

Hi again, I am glad that you are taking the time to read this article to find out a bit more about how you can get the help you need to improve the quality of your life with Parkinson’s Disease.

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So, onto this months question, which is something my Team and I help with on a daily basis. Can anything be done to improve the muscle and joint stiffness you have with PD?

The short answer is… Yes, we can make really great improvements in muscle and joint stiffness (this isn’t just for our client’s with PD, by the way!)

The long answer is Yes – but what we do depends on why the stiffness is there and what muscles and joints it’s affecting.

Here are some top tips that DO NOT involve changing/increasing your PD medication to help improve your muscle stiffness with PD

  1. Get neuro active DAILY! Yes, getting neuro active with PD can go a long way to reducing the stiffness many people experience with PD
  2. Get stretching – regular stretching of the right muscles and joints, at the right level and length of time is a terrific way to get on top of your stiffness.
  3. Get stronger – weakness is a very common challenge many people with PD face, getting the right muscle strengthening exercises into your weekly regime is vital to keep you fighting the symptoms of PD
  4. Deep tissue massage into the right muscles – this is a great way of giving the muscles a good loosen off so that they feel looser and less stiff, helping you get more out of your Neuro Active Exercise programme and your life with PD.

To help with all of the above, we have a terrific team of experts who specialise in helping you live your best life despite Parkinson’s – from our Neuro Strength and Stretch Coach to our expert Neuro Specialist Chartered Physiotherapists.

I also wanted to let you know that – In order to help set all our clients be set up for success with their lives with PD-  we provide free, client only, online PD Specialist exercises classes.

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