Parkinson’s Disease – Getting the most out of life

If you or your loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, then you know well that it is a real rollercoaster. Early after being diagnosed you find that the medications are a bit of a ‘wonder drug’, helping you get your life back on track, however, taking the medications is not the only thing to be doing after you have been diagnosed….

If I was to offer you another ‘wonder drug’ that

  • slows down the progression of your PD symptoms,
  • has neuro-protective effects (i.e. helps protect your brain from disease progression)
  • slows down the speed that the doctors need to increase your PD medications
  • helps you move better and think clearer
  • gets you fitter and more active

I am pretty sure you would bite my hand off to get it. Am I right?

Of course I am – the thing is, this wonder drug is NEURO ACTIVE EXERCISE

There is terrific research showing that if you regularly participate in Neuro Active Exercises there is a slow down in the progression of your PD symptoms, helping you slow down the need to increase your medications. Neuro Active Exercise really is a wonder drug for your PD!

Here at Simpson Physiotherapy, my Team and I Specialise in helping you live a meaningful, independent and fulfilled life with PD. Providing the support and therapy you need, when you need it.

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As with many things in life, the Neuro Active Exercises we help people with, are only a part of what we do to help support your life with PD.

We have a growing community of people living with PD who are doing fabulously well, and would love to welcome you into our community.

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Hands down the best time to get started with us is as soon as you’ve been diagnosed (yes, the earlier we can get you into the right way of exercising the better your body and brain deal with PD). The second best time is TODAY.

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