Parkinson’s Disease: Building Resilience and how to keep on keeping on!

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a fun easter and are enjoying seeing the sun again! I wanted to take the time to speak about resilience today and how important it is to build your resilience and maintain it throughout your life with Parkinson’s.

What is your Resilience? In a nutshell, it is your physical and psychological ability to deal with the stresses life throws your way. Your level of resilience determines how well and how quickly you can recover from, for example, an illness or injury.

If you are living with Parkinson’s Disease, you know well the psychological and physical challenges that it brings to your daily life. And I think you can understand the importance of building and maintaining, not just your physical resilience, but your mental and emotional resilience as well.

So… how do I go about doing that then?

The absolute best place to start is to get an understanding of the 5 Pillar of Success for Life with PD, I wrote about these in last months article, if you missed it here they are again 1) Get and STAY Neuro Active, 2) Education, 3) Be part of a pro-active and supportive Community, 4) Positive behaviour Change, 5) Individualised Therapy Approach.

Secondly you need to get my PD e-book – visit fill out our online form and we will get a copy over to you ASAP.

Then you need to talk to my Team here at Simpson Physiotherapy, where we specialise in helping our clients living with Parkinson’s Disease get Neuro Active, build your resilience, slow down your symptom progressions, move better and think clearer. We also have a great community of like-minded, proactive people who are living well despite the challenges of PD. Get help from my team of Parkinson’s Specialists, your life is too important not to.

Call Now on 0141 530 2092 to take the most important step in building you up for your Life with PD.

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