Getting Your Life Back After Surviving a Stroke

If you or a loved one have survived a stroke, you know just how life changing this can be. With anything from mild ongoing weaknesses to complete paralysis and lack of sensation. You don’t know how much recovery your going to make or how long it will take. The physical effects of a stroke very often don’t come alone and commonly we see people with a lot of fear, anxiety and depression.

Making the most out of your recovery is an uphill battle at the best of times, not always knowing what to do or if you are doing the right thing, or possibly the wrong thing.

This is where having the right team of therapists around you to support your recovery and help you get your life back after surviving a stroke is vital. Neurophysiotherapists are very skilled and specialised therapists who work with stroke survivors, like you, to live your life after a stroke.

Hi, I’m Fraser a Neurophysiotherapist and founder of Simpson Physiotherapy Ltd. we are a team of Specialist Neurophysios who help stroke survivors make the best recovery possible and support your life after your stroke. We help people get their lives back, supporting our clients to live meaningful, active and independent lives as possible.

Whether its to help you walk for the first time again after your stroke, or getting you walking without a walking stick or crutch, to helping you get better use out of your hand and arm. We are here to help you make the best recovery possible and support you for your life after a stroke.

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Not sure if we can help? Neither are we – that’s why we offer a FREE phone consultation with our Stroke Specialist Neurophysiotherapists. That way we can listen to you and your story and figure out the best way to support you to get your life back and doing more of the things you value and enjoy. 

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Living your life with the difficulties after a stroke can be hard, My team and I are here to help make your life easier.

J Fraser Simpson MSc
Stroke Specialist Neurophysiotherapist

Fraser Simpson

Simpson Physiotherapy

"We Help Older Adults Stay Independent and Able to Look After Themselves in Their Own Home. (Despite Challenges With Walking or Getting About, Stroke, or Parkinson's Disease.)"


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